Know how to get out of a fire alive!

  • Stay Low and GO. Smoke rises, so the clearer air is lower to the ground, that’s where you want to be.
  • Touch the door. If it’s hot, don’t open it. Find an alternate escape route. If the door is cool and it’s your only way out, open it slightly, enough to see what’s on the other side. If it’s safe, proceed with your escape. If it’s not, find an alternative escape route.
  • Teach everyone how to open windows. Opening or breaking a window with an object (turning away to shield yourself and others from flying glass) is the most used alternate escape route.
  • Close doors behind you. Closing a door can prevent toxic smoke and flames from spreading beyond the room, and give you and your family or co-workers a chance to get out alive.
  • Stay out. Set a predetermined meeting place outside, to make sure everyone is accounted for. Call 911 from outside or from a neighbours house. Do not go back into the house. Wait for the Fire Department to arrive.
  • If you can’t get out. If smoke or flames make an escape route impossible, call someone to state your exact location. Close the doors between you and the fire. Stuff air vents, under the door, and any cracks with what ever is available; sheets, towels, tape, clothing. If there is a window in the room open it a bit, enough to let in fresh air if that is the case and wave anything handy to attract attention to yourself from the window so people can see you.
  • Apartment Fires. Plan ahead, know your building and its escape routes. Participate in fire drills. If leaving the building is not an option, make sure smoke can’t seep in under the doors, try to get to a window for possible escape, or to attract attention.
  • Elderly and Impaired might consider sleeping on ground level to make their escape easier.
  • Plan and practice YOUR escape from fire at home with your family.